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Cleansing Oil 40% ULTRA HEALING



Cleansing Oil 40% Ultra Healing is especially for complex, very oily skin prone to acne and blemishes. You can even use it if you have active acne. It has bactericidal properties that will extract all the bacteria that are inside the pores.

Formulated in a perfect balance of preservative-free hydrophilic natural vegetable oils, combined with herbal extracts to deeply extract impurities from the skin while providing vitamins and bioactive components that will gently care for and protect the sebaceous balance and the pH of the skin itself. the skin.

Why cleanse oily skin with more oil?

The great paradox when a skin has oily characteristics, acne and we apply astringent products is that the body by self defense will create more oil to balance the astringent product while closing the pore, obstructing the exit of said impurities and bacteria that are in the skin.

Cleansing Oil 40% Ultra Healing helps balance oily skin while gently removing impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

Formulated with Neem extract and harmoniously combined with Lavender and Tea Tree oils to provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. This sulfate-free facial cleanser is gentle, soothing and does not cause your skin to peel, creating an undetectable film that clings to the key ingredients in the formula so they can work on your skin instead of just going down the drain .

  • Gently removes impurities, dirt and oil.
  • Deeply cleanses skin without drying or peeling it
  • Helps soothe and soften the skin.
  • Helps skin look and feel instantly refreshed and revitalized.

Estimated duration: 4 months

How to use:

  1. With the skin of your face dry, apply 2 pump of Cleansing Oil and spread all over the face. Gently massage in circular motions, massaging your eyelashes and areas where you apply makeup, even on the neck.
  2. If you have time, let it act for a few minutes (this is optional).
  3. With a facial towel, wet it with hot water at a temperature that your skin supports, squeeze and begin to clean all the oil with the towel, repeat this operation.
  4. Discover a clean, hydrated and healthy skin instantly.


    When to use it:  Twice a day, in the morning and at night.

    Ingredients:  Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed), Ricinus communis (Castor), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), Narcissus jonquilla (Jonquil Absolute).

    100% ingredients of natural origin. Free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial colors.

    Important: Give this new method time, it may take your skin one to two weeks to adjust to the change in your cleansing routine, but good things will happen to those who are patient . The result is extremely clean, lustrous skin, without blackheads, fine pores, hydrated and radiant.