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Improve Skin Tone Kit

$315.65 $394.57


    • 1 Magical Turmeric Pills.
    • 1 Green Power.
    • 1 Biotin.
    • 1 Princess Hair & Skin.
    • 1 Magic Skin XL.
    • 1 Pomona Tonic.
    • 1 Pomona Serum.
    • 1 Pomona Eye Contour.
    • 1 Angel Face Mask.
    • 1 Salomé Mask.


    They want to recover the skin from spots caused by the sun or hormonal type. It is important that you understand that the skin is an organ that manifests on the outside what is happening on the inside, if you have blemished, dehydrated and aged skin, you have to treat it from the inside out and in a few days you will see the results.



    In the mornings:

    • 6 Magical Turmeric Pills.
    • 2 Green Power capsules.

    In the nights:

    • 6 Magical Turmeric Pills.
    • 2 capsules of Princess Hair & Skin.
    • 2 capsules of Magic Biotin.

    Note: The Magical Turmeric Tea can also be taken in the afternoon, at a time of your convenience or pleasure.



    In the mornings:

    1. Cleanse your face with a paraben-free soap.
    2. Spray the Pomona Toner.
    3. Apply a little Magic Skin all over your face.
    4. Apply Pomona eye contour around the entire contour of your upper and lower eye with a little pressure to massage and remove inflammation.


    In the nights:

    1. Wash your face with a paraben-free soap.
    2. Spray generously with Pomona Toner.
    3. With a wet face, apply half a dropper of Serum Pomona on your skin and massage upwards.
    4. Apply Pomona eye contour around the entire contour of your  upper and lower eye with a little  pressure  to massage  and remove inflammation.

    5. Do a massage with the facial sculptor.


    Drink 8 glasses of water every day  and if you want to go faster in the recovery of your skin, drink a juice or vegetable extract every day, no matter the time.


      Once a week:

        Do the dry brushing with the facial glove, then apply one of the two masks, you can also mix them and place them together. It is important to do this once a week to see quick results.