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Pack Healthy (Green And Relax)

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Pack Healthy  is a set of vitamins that combines our two special supplements to boost your overall health. Start your day with the power of these wonderful vitamins for iron health, speed up your metabolism and excellent brain health.


This set contains:

Relax and burn

To support your nervous system while accelerating metabolism. The accumulation of fat may be due in part to excess cortisol (the stress hormone), this supplement helps you burn fat while having alertness and balance with yourself, your body is responsible for burning excess fat and your metabolism is accelerates in a masterful way.

Green power

Perfect for detoxifying your body.⁠ It is a combination of algae that provide you with enough nutrients to generate a change in your immune system, in addition to cleansing your body of the silent toxicity to which we are exposed every day.

How to take them?

2 Green Power capsules and 2 Relax & Burn capsules in the morning with your meal.