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Anti Cellulite Kit

$118.07 $123.95


    • 1 Aurora Body Butter.
    • 1 Aurora Body Mist.
    • 1 Magical Turmeric Tea or Magical Turmeric Pills.
    • 1 Magnesium Equilibrium.
    • 1 Magic Biotin.
    • 1 Exfoliating glove.
    • This pack is ideal for people who ...

    They want to reduce cellulite. 

    Cellulite has a solution and if you do the three steps, in less than you think your legs and hips will enjoy a superior appearance, reducing cellulite and even eliminating it.

    Activating, nourishing and cleaning is what will make this possible, those are the 3 magic steps.



    In the mornings:

    • 1 cup of Magical Turmeric Tea or 6 Magical Turmeric Pills.

    In the nights:

    • 1 cup of Magical Turmeric Tea or 6 Magical Turmeric Pills.
    • 2 capsules of Magic Biotin.
    • 3 capsules of Magnesium Equilibrium.

    Note: The Magical Turmeric Tea can also be taken in the afternoon, at a time of your convenience or pleasure.



    1. Brush your legs every day with the technique I teach on YouTube before showering (tutorial: )

    2. Body Butter: Apply to a wet body when you finish showering, place a little in your hands and spread all over your wet body. Massages at will, impregnating yourself with self-love.

    3. Body Mist: Shake vigorously before spraying on your body, spray on your body at pleasure, then massage in circular motions.

    Drink 8 glasses of water every day  and if you want to go faster in the recovery of your skin, drink a juice or vegetable extract every day, no matter the time.