Shipping policy



Orders generally ship the next business day. Weekends and holidays will affect our guaranteed delivery time based on the specific delivery service requested. Please note that we do not ship on weekends.


Please verify your delivery address to avoid delays due to common misspellings, apartment number, suite number, or invalid line entries. Once the package has left our facilities, we cannot make changes to the address.

If the tracking number indicates "Delivered" and you cannot locate your package, we will follow courier protocols to report and file a claim with the assigned tracking number.

Lost package claim investigations may take a few days, once we receive the final status from the courier and the lost package is confirmed, we will issue a refund or replacement, whichever is most convenient.

If a package is returned to the sender due to an error in the address or any other circumstance, we will issue a refund, except for the original cost of shipping.

At certain residential addresses, a package delivered by USPS may be assigned to a package locker if the package does not fit in your mailbox. Package lockers are located in your community mailboxes. You will find a key in your mailbox with the locker number to retrieve your package. The estimated delivery date is displayed during checkout and is based on your shipping address. Delivery from Monday to Friday only.



  • Delivery time

Shipment transit time is approximated based on courier history. However, there may be certain delays that may take longer for your package to arrive, such as: weather, truck delays, invalid addresses, high volume of orders. We work hard to ensure packages are processed the next business day and leave our facility when the courier picks it up.

  • Expedited Shipping Payments

Please note that orders with expedited shipping payments received today will be processed the next business day.

Please note that we do not ship on weekends and transit time is counted for business days only.

Scenario A: You have placed your order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (your selected shipping service 1 day) The package will leave on Monday and will be delivered on Tuesday.

Scenario B: You placed your order on a Thursday (your delivery time indicates 1 day) The package will leave on Friday and the delivery can be made on Saturday (residential address) or Monday (residential or business address)

  • Returns

All items returned to sender are subject to refund less the original cost of shipping and surcharges. Please refer to our policy for each specific scenario. The customer is responsible for returning unwanted items.

  • To cancel an order

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your order from our customer service department. Once your order has entered our shipping process, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Currently, your order may be in transit to the address provided at checkout.

To receive a refund, you may return the package in its original condition to our shipping department.

Once the package arrives in exchange, we will process a refund less the original shipping cost and any restocking fees applicable to your order.

Returns must be made to:
Jessica Wellness Shipping Department
1029 Ariport Pulling RD STE B3
Naples, FL 34104

Be sure to include your order number to speed up the process. Thanks for your understanding

  • USPS Claims

If tracking indicates no movement or change in status after several days, we must allow up to 15 days to initiate a claim after the package leaves our facility.

If tracking indicates it was delivered and you did not receive your package, we will initiate a claim with USPS per their policy 15 days after the package leaves our facility.

Once we receive confirmation of the lost package from USPS, we will proceed with the replacement or refund.

Please note that if there was an address issue with your shipping information, we are not responsible for lost packages.



In certain cases, our system may indicate that your order has a possible fraud alert.

You will receive an email to confirm the following:

  • Photo ID that matches the payment method.
  • Image of the credit card that matches your identification (hiding the first digits, only showing the last 4 numbers so that we can validate your name and credit card number).
  • Please provide a screenshot of the confirmation email we sent you when you placed your order.

We understand that this is very personal information and we respect your privacy. The ultimate goal is to protect your identity and prevent any fraudulent transactions.

If no response is received on your behalf, we will refund your order approximately 5 days after email notification.


Freight transport companies with door-to-door service to other countries:

When you live in another country and forward your order to a company where you will not be present to receive the package, you run the risk of the package being lost or not being notified upon arrival.

If the tracking indicates that the package was "Delivered", we are not responsible for lost or misplaced packages.

3rd Party or Third Party Shipments - Recipient's name is not the same as the buyer's

When placing an order to be delivered to an address that you will not be present or have asked someone to receive the package for you using your name.

If the tracking indicates that the package was "Delivered", we are not responsible for lost or misplaced packages.

Business addresses

When placing an order to be delivered to a business address, your package may be received by another person who works or performs another task on the site. Therefore, we are not responsible for the loss of misplaced packages.

Hotels / holidays / temporary visits

When ordering from hotels, we suggest you contact them prior to ordering to ensure they can receive and notify you. We are not responsible for transit delays as they may occur in certain scenarios.

Incorrect addresses

Please make sure to provide an accurate address for delivery before paying. We are not responsible for missing data such as:

Misspelled apt, unit, suite number, street or avenues, incorrect address format.

We will try to correct any information you notify, but please note that once you make payment, your order is placed in a shipping process to ensure it is delivered in a timely manner and there is a possibility that we may not be able to make any changes before you be done. It has left our shipping facility.